Rainbow Project - TARGET GROUP

The TARGET GROUP of the project consists of:

-students in all partner schools (among which 447 students involved in activities)

 - teachers of all study subjects (among which 15 teachers involved in activities)


- 50 teachers/staff members of the 8 schools (including the 35 members of the project staff);
- 53 students of the partner schools;
The TRANSNATIONAL ELEMENT is justified by taking into account the following:
-The skills useful on a national scale are no longer sufficient in a world that has the tendency of internationalising itself
-The European society, as a whole, benefits from the students` learning of European competences (language, social and intercultural skills)
-European cooperation is a chance for exchanging experience and methods, which inevitably leads to the quality improvement of the education in all partner schools
-Both in the case of students and teachers, motivation and self-esteem issues will be solved by availing of the competences developed during the partnership